Arby’s Drives Coupon Redemption with Advanced Mobile Targeting

Arby’s Restaurant Group (ARG) owns and operates the Arby’s fast food chain, the second largest quick-service sandwich chain in the United States behind Subway.  The chain, famous for it’s roast beef sandwiches, was started in 1964 and, as of 2014, had more than 3,600 locations, of which 2,500 are franchised.


  • Drive qualified traffic to a designated landing pages of individual franchise units
  • Increase in-store coupon redemption at units participating in online promotion


In 2013 and 2014, Arby’s selected Frequence to highlight individual franchise promotions and drive coupon redemption via a coordinated cross-device campaign.  Arby’s evaluated success of the campaign by measuring site traffic and ultimately the number of coupon redemptions.

Using advanced smart-phone and tablet targeting strategies, Frequence was able to minimize waste, maintain a low CPM and deliver significant ROAS.  Frequence accomplished these goals by incorporating the following elements into campaign planning:

  • 12 cross-browser and cross-device compatible rich media ad units, optimized for mobile
  • 36 unique messages promoting coupon redemption at participating Arby’s locations
  • 18 individual media plans accounting for variations in converting audiences surrounding each Arby’s
  • 12 mobile targeting strategies across smartphones and tablets


Ultimately, the campaign resulted in a lift of 1,346% in site visits over baseline; users were 14.5x more likely to visit the designated landing page after seeing the Frequence ad compared to the baseline audience.

Frequence mobile promotions outperformed other online and offline initiatives employed by Arby’s during that timeframe by 22%.

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