Audi Focuses on Qualified Site Traffic Through Household Targeting

Audi is consistently ranked as one of the top luxury sports cars in the world. Given Audi’s wide-ranging appeal, interest in the brand extends across all demographics.

One challenge faced by Audi in devising a digital strategy is how to differentiate between prospective Audi purchasers and those interested in the brand but absent purchase intent.

Frequence conducted an in-depth analysis of Audi’s campaign analytics, which revealed that the vast majority of their clicking audiences was not, in-fact their converting audience.


  • Identify suitable campaign metrics to gauge the true impact of digital campaigns in areas where Audi’s converting audience did not consist of “ad-clickers”
  • Drive qualified traffic to local dealership landing pages and ultimately increase showroom visits by prospective clients


Frequence re-focused the strategies employed in previous campaigns towards a household targeting approach and used metrics to optimize for brand lift performance.

  • Audi experienced a 37% increase in qualified site traffic, decreased bounce rates and ultimately showroom visits.

With the additional application of reach & frequency planning and emphasis on viewability, the Audi campaign resulted in higher quality traffic and audience engagement.

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