Your framework for offering differentiated marketing solutions

Say goodbye to sub-par products and plans. Finally, there’s an easier way to configure and deliver integrated campaign offerings for your clients within a smarter product framework.



& Differentiate

The first step in differentiating your offering is to configure a strategic suite of products and tactics that support your business rules and utilize high-performing inventory in order to achieve your KPIs and hit your profitability targets.



& Scale

Next, you need to be able to manage and modify your campaigns to allow your team to forecast, adapt and scale to meet demand. The Frequence framework gives you complete control over your product integrations, permissions, and optimization settings throughout the execution process.



& Deliver

With the best framework at your fingertips, you can quickly integrate new inventory and confidently deploy differentiated offerings through a single workflow system that empowers your organization to sustainably deliver successful marketing solutions.

Better products means better performance for you and your clients

Custom campaigns allow you to execute the most effective marketing solutions

Frequence’s framework empowers media companies to deliver differentiated offerings through smarter product configuration and faster workflow integration.

What can Frequence do for you:

Streamline your delivery process through Frequence’s workflow system

In addition to configuring integrated product solutions, you can quickly and effectively execute your campaigns through a seamless workflow ecosystem that is designed to help your team reduce friction and increase profitability.

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