Connected TV

Reach viewers at home on the largest screens

More consumers are watching streaming content at home, on their televisions. In 2013, about 33 million TV watchers had “cut the cord.” In 2023, that number is expected to exceed 80 million, surpassing cable and satellite TV subscribers.

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Target Streaming Audiences Watching Premium Content

The rise of cordcutting doesn’t mean the end of advertising. Far from it. Connected TV (CTV) is a great option for advertisers looking for top-tier placement for branding and awareness campaigns—campaigns that reach viewers at home, watching their favorite content on the largest screens. CTV is perfect for advertisers who are looking to increase their reach to a broad type of audience within a custom geography.


Frequence Connects You to Connected TV

Connected television offers tremendous opportunities for advertisers—and Frequence can help you succeed in this exciting new realm. Our CTV offering is second to none, and Frequence delivers a wide range of benefits.

Unparalleled Reporting Transparency

View accurate, real-time insights with that clearly show campaign results.
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Top-tier Premium Content and Networks

Reach audiences watching major networks—even live sports and events.

Optimal Device Mix

No less than 100% of impressions will be served on televisions.
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Connected TV FAQs

What is the difference between OTT and connected TV?
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OTT, or Over the Top, is the umbrella term for streaming content over any device—phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Connected TV refers to the streaming of content over television screens, specifically.

What devices can Frequence target for connected TV advertising?
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Along with “smart TV,” we can serve connected TV ads via gaming consoles and other attached devices, such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire Sticks.

How effective is connected TV advertising?
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Both marketers and consumers agree—CTV advertising works. A recent study indicated that engaged CTV viewers were 2x more likely to purchase a product after seeing a CTV ad than a standard TV ad. And data shows that connected TV ads have a completion rate of about 90%.

How does Frequence target connected TV ads?
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Ads are served to a custom geography with zip code-level targeting. In addition to other metrics, we’re able to track impressions delivered to each zip code, and can monitor and analyze the complete geographic performance per city.

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