Target a Streaming Audience Watching Premium Content—On Any Device

By 2024, the number of “cord-cutters” - consumers who have dropped their cable or satellite TV services in favor of other video streaming options - is expected to reach 138.1 million. And the vast majority of those - 94%, according to one survey - don’t plan on going back. In an increasingly cordless world, OTT content represents a tremendous opportunity. Learn more about OTT advertising, and how Frequence can help you incorporate it into your omnichannel efforts.

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What Exactly is OTT?

OTT stands for “over-the-top.” In other words, OTT content goes “over the top” of traditional cable and broadcast media providers, delivering content to viewers via the internet. OTT content can be viewed on a variety of devices - computers, smartphones, tablets, and via connected TV apps. It can also be delivered to smart TVs via peripheral devices, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and even gaming consoles.

Frequence Can Maximize Your OTT Advertising

Frequence’s OTT capabilities are the best on the market, thanks to:
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Transparent reports with clear, easy-to-understand results.

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Ads are served on high-quality networks.

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A device mix that prioritizes TV impression placement.

Other OTT offerings might include a mix of pre-roll (short form content) and/or a larger percentage of desktop, mobile & tablet placements which results in lower completion rates with users viewing in a more mobile & distracted environment.


Want to know more about OTT? Here’s some frequently asked questions about OTT advertising.

How is OTT positioned in the sales funnel?

OTT is a great option for advertisers looking for top-tier placement for branding & awareness campaigns - for a great price. With OTT ads being served primarily in long-form episodic inventory and on television screens, this means viewers are watching their favorite show or movie and are engaged with the content in a non-distracted environment. OTT is great for advertisers who are looking to increase their reach to a broad audience in a custom geography.

What is the difference between OTT and CTV?

Over the Top is the umbrella term for streaming content over any device. Connected TV is streaming content over television screens, only.

What is the difference between Pre-Roll and OTT/CTV?
  • Pre-Roll ads are served in short form video content on websites and apps, while OTT/CTV ads are primarily served in long form video content
  • Pre-Roll includes audience targeting with demographics & interests, while OTT/CTV ads can be served to a custom geography
  • Pre-Roll can only be served on desktop, mobile & tablet devices while OTT/CTV can be served on television screens to a streaming audience

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