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Pre-Roll Video

The power of video combined with strategic audience targeting.

What is pre-roll video? Simply put, it refers to brief video advertisements that play immediately before a featured video. Pre-roll video ads have become ubiquitous; you’ll find them wherever you find video: on websites, video platforms like YouTube, and even during live streams.

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Why the Pre-Roll Video Ad is a Powerful Part of Your Media Mix

The value of pre-roll video ads lies in the fact that they’re being played to an engaged audience. Part of their effectiveness lies in the fact that viewers may need to sit through them to get to the content that they’re there to watch. And when done well, video ads don’t have to be a chore to sit through.

Video pre-roll can tell a story and tap into human emotion through music, voiceover, and video effects that resonate and connect with the audience at a deeper level. Sharing a compelling message through video can be very effective, especially when it’s served to the most relevant audience.


Let Frequence Power Your Pre-Roll

Pre-roll video ads can be an essential part of your omnichannel efforts. Here’s how Frequence stands above our competitors:


The transparency of reporting and visibility to complete campaign performance is accessible to advertisers 24/7.
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Our TradeAI tool offers valuable insights which help to effectively recommend budgets based on the target audience size—ultimately resulting in better campaign performance overall.


Our Campaign Hub function allows for less human error, efficient communication and more reliable campaign management.
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Meaningful Results

Our Signals analytics dashboard narrates the campaign performance with data visualization elements and measurable results for advertisers to easily and effectively analyze.

Pre-Roll Video Advertising FAQs

What is the difference between pre-roll and OTT/CTV?
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There are three main differences between pre-roll advertising videos and over-the-top or connected TV ads: 

  • Pre-roll ads are served in short-form video content on websites and apps, while OTT/CTV ads are primarily served in long form video content.
  • Pre-roll includes audience targeting with demographics & interests, while OTT/CTV ads can be served to a custom geography.
  • Pre-roll can only be served on desktop, mobile & tablet devices, while OTT/CTV can be served on television screens to a streaming audience.
What’s better—skippable or non-skippable pre-roll ads?
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As you might expect, completion rates for non-skippable ads are far higher than those for skippable ads. It’s estimated that the completion rate for non-skippable ads is about 80%; for non-skippable ads, that completion rate drops to around 40%.

How are pre-roll ads positioned in the sales funnel?
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Pre-roll advertising is great for branding & awareness purposes, and is typically positioned toward the top of the purchase funnel. It can also deliver a call to action to drive users farther down the funnel with a convenient click-through to the advertiser’s website.

How does Frequence target pre-roll ads?
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We target audiences for pre-roll ads in the following ways:
•  Geography: Ads are served to a custom geography with zip code level targeting.
•  Interest targeting: Ads are served to users who have shown interest in relevant categories based on the content they are viewing online.
•  Demographic targeting: Ads are served to users with demographics based on gender, age, income level, educational status and parenting status.
•  Website Retargeting: Ads are served to users who visited the advertiser’s website. (A tracking tag/pixel is required to be placed on the advertiser’s website.)

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