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Along with “cutting the cord,” consumers are ditching their radio antennas as well. In 2022, Americans streamed 1.1 trillion songs and downloaded an average of 226 million podcasts each week; the streaming audio platform Spotify has 489 million monthly active users.

The demand for streaming audio, particularly music and podcasts, is high and shows no signs of slowing down. And with new features like audiobooks and text-to-speech attracting new consumers, streaming audio advertising presents incredible opportunities for media companies.

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Expand Your Reach with Streaming Audio Ads

Streaming audio advertising is a great option for advertisers looking for top-tier placement for branding and awareness campaigns—for a great price. Streaming audio ads are perfect for advertisers who are looking to increase their reach to a broad audience in a custom geography. For advertisers who already include traditional radio ads in their media mix, streaming audio ads can help those brands reach a wider audience.

Ready to Enter the World of Streaming Radio and Audio Advertising?

Frequence can put your brand’s message on speakers and earphones around the country. We offer:

Optimized Campaigns

Campaigns optimized for geography, devices, and relevant audiences.
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Audience Retargeting

Severe up ads to users who visited the advertiser’s website with retargeting.

Popular Placements

Placement on popular streaming sites like Spotify, iHeart, as well as local stations.
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Programmatic Streaming Audio Advertising FAQs

How do programmatic streaming audio ads work?
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Streaming audio is delivered programmatically. This means we don’t serve impressions until the device is turned on and actively streaming content. One benefit of programmatic streaming audio ads is that because of this, we don’t need to consider dayparting (as we might with traditional radio ads).

What is the completion rate for streaming audio ads?
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Another benefit of streaming audio advertising is that it tends to show high completion rates. One recent survey showed that streaming audio ads have a completion rate of 91%.

What metrics are used to measure streaming audio advertising effectiveness?
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Frequence’s analytics dashboard provides 24/7 insight into streaming audio ad campaign performance. Frequence tracks the following metrics:

  • Ad impressions
  • Completions
  • Devices the ads are viewed on
  • City/region-level geography
  • Website and app placements

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