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Great Place to Work® Names Frequence One of the Fortune Best Workplaces in Advertising & Marketing™ in 2022

Great Place to Work® and Fortune have honored Frequence as one of the 2022 Best Workplaces in Advertising & Marketing™. This is Frequence’s first time being named to Fortune’s list, that Frequence is one of the best companies to work for in the country.

Frequence Wins “Best Sales Proposal Software” Award in 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program

Frequence announced today that its SmartProposal solution has been selected as the winner of the “Best Sales Proposal Software” award in the 5th annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by MarTech Breakthrough.

Frequence Helps Spectrum Reach Launch Unified Proposal Platform

Spectrum Reach, Charter Communications' ad sales unit, said it worked with ad software company Frequence to create Unified Proposal, a new multiscreen automation platform that combines digital and linear TV workflows into a single media plan for advertisers.

Local Advertisers Benefit From Omnichannel Strategy, Frequence Study Finds

Local advertisers benefit from campaigns that utilize more than one media channel, according to new data from Frequence. For local advertisers accustomed to running digital display advertising only, adding connected TV (CTV) to the mix increases conversion rates while driving down the cost per conversion to clients.

Retail Media is on Fire — and with Good Reason — But Harnessing it for Ads is Tricky

The reality is that advertisers, especially smaller advertisers, need options in a post-cookie, post-universal ID world that aren’t Google and Facebook. Retail media is truly a golden opportunity — especially for advertisers that get there early.

MarTech 360 Interview With Tom Cheli, CEO at Frequence

MarTech 360 recently interviewed Tom Cheli, CEO at Frequence, about his journey into technology, the secrets behind sales enablement success, and what businesses need to know to optimize their digital outreach.

The InFOCUS Podcast: Tom Cheli, Frequence

Radio broadcasting companies have something very valuable. The relationships they maintain with local advertisers can’t be beat. What does this mean for programmatic radio? Tom Cheli, CEO of Frequence, shares his views about the power of radio advertising and all-things streaming in this fresh audio report hosted by Adam R. Jacobson, Editor-in-Chief of Radio + Television Business Report.

How Advertisers Can Work with Local Publishers to Connect with Communities

MarTech 360 recently sat down with Tom Cheli, CEO of Frequence, to discuss his journey into technology, the secrets to success behind sales enablement, and what businesses should be doing to optimize their digital outreach.

Frequence Continues Support for San Francisco Public Schools

Frequence, a leader in advertising sales automation and workflow software, announced today that the company would continue its pro bono advertising support for Spark* SF Public Schools to transform public education access in San Francisco. The program, which executes public-service ad campaigns using Frequence’s media planning and workflow technology, aims to increase enrollment at San Francisco public schools.

Web3 and NFTs: What Does the Metaverse Mean for Ads?

For many years, companies across the digital ecosystem have worked toward delivering relevant, meaningful ads to the right customer at the right moment. Matthew Robles, VP, product, Frequence, takes a look at Web3, NFTs and what the growing metaverse means for advertising.

Why Marketers Shouldn't Fear The Cookieless Future

The coming demise of the third-party tracking cookie has been on top of the minds of publishers, brands and advertisers for over a year now. First announced in 2020, then postponed, the phase-out of this ubiquitous surveillance technology should somewhat enhance consumer privacy, while at the same time, upend the economics of digital ad targeting that has made ad-supported content sustainable across the open internet for many years.

The Digital Transformation in Local-Market Advertising

Local-market media is going strong, despite impressions to the contrary. In an era when so many of us turn to curated digital playlists, national news feeds and whatever’s trending on social media, it’s easy to forget that local radio stations, TV affiliates, billboard companies and even newspapers are still laboring away, working to provide a product that attracts a valuable audience to attract advertising dollars.

Frequence Empowers TV Advertising Companies to Sell More Linear Inventory

Frequence announced today the launch of a unique and groundbreaking new suite of features that enable television advertising companies to sell and report their owned-and-operated linear TV inventory in one comprehensive dashboard with the same analytics and granular data as their digital campaigns.

Channel Fragmentation Vs. Local-Market Advertisers: Here’s How To Win

2021 has seen a seismic shift in ad tech investment and mergers and acquisitions. Investors spent over $23.7 billion in the adtech and martech markets in Q1 alone, with 67% of this coming from mergers and acquisitions. And it’s no wonder. With ongoing privacy enhancements making it harder to track and understand customer journeys, advertisers are looking for any technology that will make media-mix strategies more efficient.

Local Advertisers And The Need For Cross-Channel Activation And Measurement

The digital ad industry has made huge strides in cross-channel activation and measurement during the past 10 years. Technology has significantly improved digital performance during that time, but the investments (and the gains) have been mostly enjoyed by the largest brands and advertisers.

Frequence Achieves 80% Growth in Media Sales through Q3, 2021

Major Product Development, New Customers, Headcount and Industry Awards Among a String of Recent Milestones for Advertising Sales and Workflow Automation Provider.

Audience Targeting in Local Media Markets: More Than a Sum of Its Parts

True, seamless omnichannel advertising has long been a tantalizing goal of the industry. Various technology upstarts have long promised the ability to reach the right person through multiple channels over time, with varying degrees of actual success.

Frequence Earns First Great Place to Work Certification™

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --Frequence,a leader in advertising sales automation and workflow software, is proud to be Certified™ by Great Place to Work®. The prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at Frequence. This year, 88% of employees said it's a great place to work - 49% higher than the average U.S company. The employees also rated the company’s leadership highly, with 98% of employees agreeing that management is competent at running the business and 99% saying people are treated fairly regardless of their race.

Technology vs. Relationships in Local Media Sales

The media business has long been based on relationships. That’s especially true in the case of local, legacy media companies and the longstanding relationships they maintain with their advertisers and communities.

Local Media Agencies Poised to be Key Part of Accelerating Digital Ad Market

Agencies born out of local media companies have grown nearly eightfold in the past decade and can tap into the $748 billion spent by businesses on digital marketing services.

Frequence Announces AI-Powered SmartProposal

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --Frequence,a leader in advertising sales automation and workflow software, today announced the release ofSmartProposal, a first-of-its-kind technology that uses real-time deal-close and campaign performance data to generate and optimize local-market media campaign proposals.

Frequence Announces Appointment of Kate Tucker as New Head of People

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --Frequence,a leader in advertising sales automation and workflow software, today announced that Kate Tucker has been appointed as the company’s Head of People. In her new role at Frequence, Tucker will join the company’s senior leadership and further the company’s growth and development of high-performing teams.

The Boutique Struggle

Borrell’s Local Marketing Trends takes a look at how media companies can bust the boutique stage. Almost half of the 5,500 digital agencies in the U.S. are run by media companies, but they’re struggling to grow beyond being boutique shops.

Episode 51: Are Digital Agencies Doomed to be Boutiques, or Can They Be Scaled for Growth?

Almost half of the 5,500 digital agencies in the U.S. are run by media companies, but they're struggling to grow beyond being boutique shops. In this episode, Gordon & Corey preview a new report examining how some agencies have been able to scale operations and embark on a path to become the dominant local agency. The podcast features an interview with Tom Cheli, CEO of Frequence, which contributed 27 months of sales data that led to the analysis.

MarTech Interview With Tom Cheli, CEO At Frequence

Welcome to this martech chat Tom, tell us more about Frequence? How has the platform evolved over the years?  

Thanks for having me!  Frequence, the first end-to-end solution for media companies to automate and grow their local advertising sales; we do it by helping them sell more with great proposals, along with campaign execution and reporting.

Adding Online Ads to OOH Marketing Pays Off for Borges Media

With the ever-changing world of advertising, we, here at IBOUSA, want to help our independent operators grow their book of business. One of the ways we have done this is by partnering with Frequence, a California Ad Tech Company. Frequence has allowed many of our operators to seamlessly add an online product suite to their portfolio. This provides the ability to capture more of their advertiser’s campaign dollars all while driving greater results. Truly a win/win.

Frequence Names Anna Enerio Head of Marketing

Advertising sales automation and workflow software company Frequence has hired a head of marketing. The company has named Anna Enerio to the role, making her a part of its senior leadership team. She will be responsible for overseeing all marketing activities, including product and digital marketing, demand generation and PR and communications.

Frequence Announces Appointment of Anna Enerio as Head of Marketing

Frequence, a leader in advertising sales automation and workflow software, today announced that Anna Enerio has been appointed as the company's Head of Marketing. In her new role at Frequence, Enerio will join the company’s senior leadership team and report to CEO, Tom Cheli. Enerio will oversee all marketing activities, including product marketing, demand generation, digital marketing, communications, and public relations.