Configure and customize your media buying workflow and make Frequence your own.

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Own Your Workflow

No one knows your workflow better than you do.
Explore different iterations and customize the entire Frequence platform from your product taxonomy to your business rules and branding.
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Fuel your efficiency with configurations that work with you, not against you. Get full control in setting up your tactics, product taxonomy, business rules, workflow steps, and permissions.
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Customize layout, widgets, and slides and turn the platform into something you can truly call your own. Use your branding and customize data to any level of sophistication with our algorithms and template engine.
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Integrate your owned and operated media and pool all your data in one easy-to-access space for a comprehensive view of all initiatives.

A Platform Built for You

Frequence was built from the ground up to adapt to any workflow. It's a fully-integrated platform rather than glued together point solutions skinned with a UI. Our proprietary technology powers our unified platform for increased automation, streamlined operations, and scalability.

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