Complexity explained:
More is better.

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First we select a single geography around a target area.


We isolate the households within the selected geography that fit the campaign’s target demographic.

Reach & Frequency:

We create a local reach and frequency optimization target for the geography based on the campaign goals.

Media Planning:

We create a local publisher media plan, select target audience behavior, and contextual targeting strategy.

Dynamic Creative:

We create personalized rich media or custom creative for each geographic area or audience.

Conversion Insights:

We measure the difference in audience behaviors between people exposed to the campaign and those who have not.


We tune campaign performance with machine learning optimization.

Now imagine we do this for every single one of your locations.

More is better.

Backbone technology at a glance:

Our programmatic ad buying platform leverages the power of location based audience targeting and multi-segment campaigns at scale. We approach all advertising as local advertising and our technology supports campaigns that require the most expansive audience reach within the most focused target locations.

Reach & Frequency Planning

We analyze local visitor traffic patterns of website publishers. We estimate campaign performance using a reach and frequency analysis for each geographic area we target.

Dynamic Personalized Creative

We personalized messages and match them to audience subgroups and local geographies.We build creative that will show different messages, images, or interactive features (i.e. maps) based on the location where it is being viewed.

Household Data (IP) Targeting

We map offline data about neighborhoods and households to IP addresses without using cookies. We target audience on a wide range of hyper-local demographic and consumer behavor data.

Attribution & Programmatic Optimization

We track the actions of viewers exposed to advertising to determine the effectiveness of a campaign. We continuously monitor and identify the characteristics of converting viewers and target look-a-like audiences.

Mass Local Campaigns

We plan all campaigns as local campaigns with localized media planning, household targets, and personalized creative. This can be one location or thousands. Our platform was build to plan and launch local campaigns at large-volume scale.

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