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Frequence Levels Up With its Growing India Office

At Frequence, our mission is to enable advertisers large and small to take part in the digital communication revolution by removing workflow obstacles. To do that, we need the best and brightest global engineering team. Frequence opened its India office in 2018, and it has continued to grow ever since. Haridev Vengateri, Head of Frequence India, shares how the company’s engineering extension is scaling fast to create the most complete advertising workflow software on the market.

Haridev, how do you contribute to Frequence?


I was tasked with setting up the Frequence India office in Pune in 2018. I hired the initial team members, and now lead day-to-day operations and am responsible for design, architecture, and development. I have over 20 years of enterprise software development experience including managing teams in multiple geographies from early stage startups to publicly traded companies. I love the engineering side of things, and as a result, am very hands on. As we grow and scale, the customer data entrusted to us also continues to grow and scale. I’m involved in continuing to find ways to increase and improve the level of security in our architecture infrastructure, so our customers know their data is secure.

How does your team support Frequence’s all-in-one platform?  

Frequence India is the engineering extension of Frequence U.S. We work closely with Frequence U.S. primarily to build our platform that allows local advertisers to target customers in an extremely effective way using the technology we provide. India is 12 hours ahead of the States, and that allows Frequence a 24/7 cycle of product development, research and development, and support. We seamlessly hand off projects, which helps us be incredibly productive and operate as one global company .

We aren’t building technology just for technology’s sake. We work hard to understand what the customer is looking for, what solutions they need in the advertising space, how we can optimize their advertising workflow, reporting, and analytics with complete transparency, so they can have true and actionable insight into how their campaigns are performing.

How has the Frequence India team grown in the past few years?

Frequence leaders talk often about leveling up, and Frequence India is no exception — we’re doing big things here. The India office opened in August 2018 with just a few individuals that were passionate about Frequence’s game-changing technology. Three years later, we are a team of 58 and growing fast.

What makes Frequence India special?

The digital advertising space is competitive, and because of that, Frequence has a lot of room to grow. Our end-to-end advertising workflow technology is a powerful and unique offering, and our engineers find that it’s an exciting time to work here. Frequence’s technology stack is based on PHP, Code Igniter, Laravel, Angular, MySQL, and Big Data ML/AI, and other technologies run on Amazon’s cloud service, AWS. That’s a huge opportunity for engineers that haven’t had much exposure to the cloud, which is the direction our industry is headed. Every day brings new challenges to solve — our team members truly have an opportunity to change the industry landscape.


Secondly, our office is located in a great location. We’re in the city of Pune. Pune is widely regarded as the second major IT hub of India. It’s known as the Oxford of the East with the presence of a wide range of educational institutions, so we have a great pool of local talent.

Something else that’s special is that the individuals on the Frequence India team have worked closely with Frequence U.S. leadership for many years across the engineering industry. We know one another well and have an important seat at the table, which helps us collaborate effectively for more successful outcomes.

What is office culture like at Frequence India?

Having worked in the U.S. for over 15 years, I have been able to bring the Silicon Valley open and flexible work culture to Frequence India. We are a close-knit and high-performance team. Advertising is a complex ecosystem with complex technology. We onboard new team members with very comprehensive orientation and onboarding sessions to get them familiar with the systems and technology. Everyone on our team is passionate about both learning and teaching to solve challenges and make our technology the best it can be for our customers.

Outside of culture fit, what do you look for when hiring a new Frequence India team member?

Advertising operates at a very large scale. We create billions of advertising impressions a year, which generates terabytes of data every day. Our data scientists then apply our proprietary and machine-learning techniques to analyze that huge amount of data and understand how to optimize our ads. This process poses a very interesting engineering challenge, so we look for engineers that are passionate, focused, and eager to work as a team.

We also look for people that are skilled at building great user experience (UX) applications using front-end technologies like HTML/CSS/Javascript, Angular, Material, and Node, and know how to make complex systems easy to use. We want our platform to be simple and intuitive for our media companies as they create proposals, generate reports, and sell an integrated advertising solution to their local advertisers. We also look for people with hands-on experience with any of the backend languages who can develop code in PHP with MVC frameworks like CodeIgniter and Laravel.

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