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Frequence Unlocks Video Production Tool for Digital Media Partners

Adults in America spend an average of five hours per day viewing TV content (Nielsen). As more people cut the cable cord, streaming video continues to gain viewers and ad dollars. Video advertising tactics such as Connected TV (CTV), Over the Top (OTT), and Pre-Roll are growing fast. In 2021, US advertisers spent $14.44 billion on CTV, an increase of 59.9% over 2020 (eMarketer). Despite this growth, local marketers face a significant obstacle to access these tactics – quality video production.

Local advertisers and agencies do not typically have access to the tools necessary to rapidly produce custom video content. As part of its all-in-one digital marketing platform, Frequence recently launched new advertising tools that enable cost-efficient video production, removing this final barrier to video advertising.

The Frequence Video Platform (FVP) enables media partners to offer their clients end-to-end video production, regardless of size. Until now, limited resources have largely restricted small and medium-sized businesses from offering custom video production. With FVP, media companies now have access to a comprehensive video production suite to enable all of their clients to compete and grow their businesses.

Quality content is the key to digital advertising

FVP represents the next stage in equipping media partners with a scalable solution for high-performing cross-channel video ads. We’re breaking down the traditional video production barriers to make high-quality video advertising accessible and affordable for local advertisers. FVP brings brands to digital life with several core advantages:  

  • Professional script-writing to deliver unique and targeted messaging
  • High quality voice-over recording
  • Custom animation
  • Robust gallery of stock b-roll footage
  • Clean, striking design & editing
  • Fast production turnaround
A scalable solution for local marketing

FVP is a game-changer for small marketing teams because creative matters. There are powerful benefits to using video in a digital marketing strategy, but it requires advertisers to have access to effective digital marketing design tools. Through FVP, advertisers can finally compete in a constantly evolving and fragmented media space historically reserved for national brands that have endless budgets. Frequence delivers custom scripts and audio plus high-end visuals, eliminating costly and time-consuming on-location shoots. Content matters and FVP delivers digital content that looks and feels like a big-budget commercial without the hassle (or the lengthy production schedule and price tag).

Frequence is the only all-in-one video advertising platform that supports true omnichannel targeting, delivery, and reporting with video tactics ranging from social media to smart TV advertising. Partners utilizing these tactics have complete access to FVP video production tools. Through FVP, we can offer partners video content that’s 80% cheaper than if they use local, typically outdated, low-quality production resources.

Increase revenue with growing digital goals

When it comes to small media companies that have not focused on video in the past, we understand how much your revenue streams rely on other digital tactics such as paid search or display. Partnering with Frequence can help diversify your brand’s marketing mix and leverage the power of digital screens in the real world by tapping into the growing demand for OTT, CTV, YouTube, and Pre-Roll.

Frequence’s cutting-edge technology unlocks growth opportunities for digital media partners that have historically not been able to sell video, enabling them to compete from a content standpoint – and in this industry, content is key. By giving advertisers unlimited access to high-performing, brand-safe inventory across all video formats, brands can leverage our advanced video production toolset. This enables them to innovate more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before, without sacrificing the quality or performance of their end-product.

Our mission is to enable advertisers large and small to take part in the digital revolution by removing common workflow obstacles. With Frequence, our customers no longer have to choose between great technology and great creative – they can have both. Frequence helps digital media partners unlock video advertising and business growth by providing them with the missing piece in their tech stack – cloud-based workflow tools to manage the entire process of creating and delivering video content to their audience. FVP offers a cost-effective, all-in-one production encoding, and delivery platform that enables partners to get to market faster, with more control over their video content.

Are you ready to scale your marketing efforts with our advanced video production toolset? Get in touch with Frequence to get started.

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