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How SmartProposal Boosts Omnichannel Revenue: One Partner's Story

It can take hours to research markets, analyze sales data, and convert it all into a polished media proposal. And that’s just for one client.

You already know that omnichannel campaigns lead to significantly higher conversion rates, but your sales reps may have trouble upselling certain tactics. It’s hard to know whether you’re suggesting the most effective multi-tactic advertising strategies.

One of our partners faced the same problem. But in just six months, they tripled their omnichannel revenue using SmartProposal. This is their success story.

Digital Media Sellers Need Data

This particular partner is one of the top five largest providers of cable and internet services in the US. They wanted to increase their deal sizes, but found that their account executives’ media plans were inconsistent.

Their sales team ran the gamut from seasoned experts in the TV advertising space to new AEs. Understandably, there were some digital sales knowledge gaps, which in turn led to some tactics being overlooked. There are so many different factors to consider: industry, budget, targeting, and reach, to name a few. Without in-depth expertise on each product - and a robust omnichannel solutions platform to inform and elevate the entire process - making these recommendations felt like guesswork.

This meant that too many cross-channel opportunities were left on the table. Higher ROI means happier clients, and the key to higher ROI is an omnichannel sales approach. Our partner needed to turn their sales reps into digital experts, but how?

That’s Where SmartProposal Comes In

We introduced the team to SmartProposal, our AI recommendation engine that creates adaptive, ready-to-launch media proposals. The technology draws upon data from thousands of local and national media campaigns from the past decade across markets all over the US.

In a matter of minutes, their sales reps were able to create media plans that leveraged data from real campaign performance and closed deals, not from guesswork. SmartProposal recommends the optimal cross-channel reach, frequency, geotargeting, interests, and budget. With just a few clicks, they had a dynamic slide deck, personaliized with their company’s branding.

Our partner found that these features dramatically increased their booked revenue:

Forecasting And Interactive Planning Tools

With SmartProposal’s advanced forecasting and interactive planning tools, powered by user-behavior data, the sales team began to see patterns of successful tactics. The team increased their close rate, and significantly boosted the size of those deals—20% on average.

Strategic Budget Optimization

With simple inputs like budget amounts and product types, the team was able to accurately demonstrate reach and frequency to their clients. They could also show their clients what competitors were spending and which products they ran to help them make the best decisions for their marketing dollars. Six months after using SmartProposal, their booked revenue had increased by 35%.  

Transparent Reporting Dashboard

SmartProposal’s built-in analytics dashboard gave our partner detailed insights into campaign performance, which enabled them to make more informed decisions. The team could show every client exactly how their budget was spent, and show potential clients the kind of in-depth reporting they could expect.

Spend Time On What Really Matters: Your Clients

What used to take the sales team hours could now be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Our partner spent less time building media proposals and more time actually having meetings and closing deals. The tech empowered everyone on their sales team to pitch omnichannel tactics with confidence.

SmartProposal represents a true AI machine learning application that self-improves based on ever-growing data sets. Best of all, SmartProposal is a component of Frequence’s end-to-end workflow, so everything works together in one platform.

Start using the only true omnichannel proposal technology designed to help you close more business. No more missed opportunities. Turn your entire team into digital experts, generating dynamic proposals to upsell deals and win over clients.

The future is omnichannel. Make the most of it with SmartProposal. Get started today.

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