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How SmartProposal Turns Data Into Deals

Media proposals are hard work. They take hours of research and data crunching to be effective and client-ready. But what if you could use real data from thousands of local and national media campaigns to help you level up your game? Here are five tactics to help you create polished, effective media campaign proposals and execution:

1. Maximize Brand Reach

Maximize your brand's reach with intuitive location targeting powered by AI. The right advertising technology can target your audience by selecting the best geographic location to deliver the right ads to the right customers’ screens.

2. Harness Data-Driven Advertising

Digital software can transform your marketing and turn data into strategy at lightning speed and help build omnichannel media proposals based on industry-specific recommendations.

3. Leverage Omnichannel Reporting

Omnichannel advertising options can seem endless, and smart recommendations are difficult to come by. The right technology can do the heavy lifting for you. Sales intelligence and intuitive analytic tools can deliver campaign insights to drive better decisions, create stronger relationships, and boost ROI.  

4. Grow Digital Revenue

Advanced forecasting and interactive planning tools give you complete control of your advertising budget and media spending, helping you make informed decisions about where to go next. With the right approach, you can increase omnichannel revenue and close more business.

5. Expand Multi-Channel Reach

Don’t miss out on omnichannel opportunities! Capture more business with strategic products and budget optimization across all channels. Using real-time deal-close and campaign performance data can help simplify even the most complex media strategy.

Frequence’s SmartProposal is the first-of-its-kind technology to fully optimize local-market media proposals. SmartProposal creates automated, market-proven, ready-to-launch media plans within seconds, so you can focus on generating more revenue for your advertising partners.

At Frequence, solving complex workflow problems is what we do. SmartProposal is the ultimate solution for local advertisers and media companies that want to win clients with effective advertising, streamline operations, and generate more revenue. Unlike other marketing proposal software, Frequence’s proven and powerful technology is designed to simplify your marketing, solve complex tech issues, and optimize your marketing strategies in one platform using every possible data point.

Find out how SmartProposal and Frequence can supercharge your media sales. Schedule a demo today to learn more!

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