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The Frequence Product Management Team: Making The Future of Media a Reality

Every year, Frequence team members choose three employees from the U.S. and three from our India office who exemplify our core values: Collaboration, Execution, and Ownership. This year, the U.S. team selected Varsha Thampi, Product Manager, for the Collaboration award. This distinction is well-earned. As a member of the Frequence Product Team, Varsha works with a wide range of her Frequence colleagues - from our Customer Success Team to our Engineering Team - to ensure that our partners have the best possible experience with the platform. We spoke with Varsha about her work, her team, and what drives her to deliver the best results for her colleagues and partners alike.

What drew you to Frequence?

I had worked in product management for a few different companies before joining Frequence. What intrigued me about this role was that for the first time, I would be working for a company that was focused on helping local advertising sales. Because Frequence offers a unique software solution in an industry that was new to me, I anticipated a tremendous learning opportunity.

One other thing that made Frequence stand out was the company culture, something that I first saw during my interview process. Before I had officially started, I was invited to a team outing to meet my new teammates. It was wonderful to get to know the rest of the product team members, all of whom were incredibly welcoming. 

I thought joining Frequence would be an amazing experience, giving me the chance to learn and contribute to an industry that's constantly evolving. It has been all that and much more!

Tell us about your career journey at Frequence.

It's been almost 3 years since I joined Frequence and my journey here has been nothing short of incredible. My previous experience at a sales acceleration software provider had given me a background that I was able to build upon at Frequence..

I've been fortunate to work on a variety of enhancements focusing on improving user experience, increasing efficiency, and driving value for our clients. Each new project has taught me valuable lessons and helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Throughout my career at Frequence, I've had the chance to work with incredibly talented and passionate individuals from various teams who share the same dedication as I do: driving innovation in the adtech industry.

"As a Frequence product manager, it’s been a particular joy to help make our vision of intuitive and elegant UI a reality." - Varsha Thampi, Frequence Product Manager

Tell us about a favorite project.

It's difficult to pick one favorite project here, but one aspect of my work that I enjoy the most is providing our partners with the best user experience, and ensuring that our UI is as useful and helpful as it can be. Our recent UI upgrade to our platform was one of my favorite projects  by far.

Frequence offers the best technology - but if that tech can’t be easily used by our partners, then we’ve failed in our mission. We offer our users a platform that replaces their outdated, often cobbled-together systems. Along with giving them unified, end-to-end functionality, the Frequence platform offers our partners a modern web experience, vibrant designs, and interactive actions - a completely different experience than what they may have gotten from other software providers’ utilitarian pages. As a product manager, it’s been a particular joy to help make our vision of intuitive and elegant UI a reality. What made these design projects all the more fun is that they also gave me an opportunity to collaborate and work with the best UX and Engineering teams at Frequence.  Every one of my colleagues brought unique talents and insights to the work, ultimately resulting in a fantastic outcome.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about the Product team?

The Frequence Product team is made up of a talented pool of product managers and leads who are constantly seeking out new ideas and solutions to address challenges in the adtech industry.

Our team embraces and practices Agile methodologies, enabling us to iterate quickly and respond rapidly to changing market conditions and customer requirements. 

Something that really stands out about our product team is the decentralized approach that we follow. This really empowers our PMs to make decisions and take ownership of our work, and fosters a culture of collaboration within the team. 

Everyone in the Product team is always approachable and up for any sort of brainstorming sessions related to different ideas and initiatives. We’re a team that loves to share knowledge and experiences. We have the unique ability to be each other’s most constructive critic and most enthusiastic cheerleader when it comes to achieving common goals.

What are your hobbies and pastimes outside of work?

My husband and I are both travel enthusiasts and like planning big and small trips in every season. We enjoy being outdoors and usually spend our weekends hiking or biking in and around the Bay area.

Varsha and her husband Parag enjoying the spectacular scenery in Banff National Park, Canada.

Having our roots in India where most of our friends and family reside, we’ve missed out on some experiences, but we do have a close-knit circle here, and spending time with them is another thing we look forward to. We also love getting back to India whenever possible - along with seeing our loved ones, this gives me the chance to spend time with our Frequence India team members. When I’m not outdoors, I enjoy working on home improvement and decoration projects. And indulging in painting or mandala art helps me reset!

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