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What's the Future of the TV Experience Going to Look Like?

Streaming services and Connected TV have become a part of the media mainstream. Still, traditional TV dominates the viewing landscape. In this TV Tech article, Frequence CEO Tom Cheli explains how CTV can become an essential part of an advertising strategy.

Television advertising has come a long way since the early days of broadcast, and today Connected TV (CTV) is a major player in the advertising landscape. With the rise of streaming services and internet-connected devices, CTV has become a popular medium for reaching audiences in the digital age. However, the question remains: can CTV evolve into a performance advertising medium similar to search?

At first glance, it may seem challenging to transform CTV into a pure performance advertising vehicle. Search advertising thrives on its ability to deliver highly relevant and targeted ads to users actively seeking specific information or products. In contrast, CTV's content is primarily designed for entertainment purposes.

People don’t typically watch TV specifically to find products they’re looking for. TV has hence historically fallen under the category of “brand awareness” rather than “performance” - where performance is tied to the ability to deterministically tie a sale or other action directly to an ad exposure.

Nevertheless, there are ways to make CTV more attributable and improve its performance advertising capabilities.

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