Frequence Technology

The entire Frequence ecosystem runs on a robust and extendable technology stack, not just parts cobbled together. It is engineered to make the most of strategies, tactics, budgets, and data, a highly configurable framework that can adapt to your present and future needs.

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Flexible Architecture

Our framework model is the technology that powers our Builder. It gives users free rein to set up their end-to-end media buying tool, from defining media products to configuring workflows.

Define Media Products

The system empowers users to build attributes that define media products, configure these attributes per product, and re-use these configurations between different products.

UI Design

As you're setting your workflow, data collection elements dynamically draw out information while users can plug in their own inputs for better efficiency.

Workflow Configuration

Organizations have their own unique workflows. Frequence is backed by a purpose-built technology that comes with infinite permutation and possibilities.

Frequence's flexible architecture

TradeAI Technology

The evolution of buying high quality media in real time has created three unique problems: Forecasting, Optimal Delivery, and Workflow. We have devised a model that addresses these challenges with our TradeAI technology.

Powered by Machine Learning

ML-based forecasting system automates pacing and performance optimization across all media channels.

Time Series Forecasting Model

Historical analysis is used at the most granular line-item level and on a continuous basis, resulting in the highest performing media delivery at an optimal pace.

Dynamic Inventory Allocation

Smart algorithms detect under delivery and respond by adjusting priority and product rules. This results in better margin management, multi-KPI optimization, and 99%+ order delivery on plan among others.

Data Platform

Media companies and agencies generate massive volumes of data - 2,314 exabytes on average! Our data platform turns this data into digestible yet complete and transparent reports and analytics that you see on Signals.

Integrations & Connectors

Connect any data source with the platform's data ingestion automation tools and configurable REST API connectors for fast and accurate data onboarding.

Data Prep & Transformation

Data lake transfer is smoother with multi-step processing and grouping configuration. No code data transformation is needed.

Visualization & Analysis

Pre-processed data is pushed through data lakes, making automated process data reports and alerts possible. From raw data, you see stunning visuals in Signals reporting and analytics forecasts.

Frequence's data platform

Integrations and API

Our API framework is built for integrations and interoperations with third-party software and data. Flow of information is streamlined between applications, no matter what kind of integration pattern is used.

Robust API Integrations

Our API framework defines functionalities while allowing programs to respond to requests in real time, even if their original implementations are not available. It can perform outside of its standard design, adapting to unique user requirements.

Multiple Integration Templates

Different integration templates like DSP, order integration, and others can be added.

Secure Throttling Mechanisms

We built fail-safe throttling mechanisms that can cope with fragmented unreliable third-party media technology APIs. Performance degradation goes down, while security, monetization, authentication, and availability go up.

Frequence's integrations
Decorative lines of varying thickness with circles in the middle.

Advanced problems call for advanced technology.

There is a dire need for technology that can catch up to the ever-evolving media landscape. Our technology powers all the components of the Frequence platform and our goal is to make your journey to the next phase of media easy and simple.
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Extensible Technology

We aim to provide extensible solutions that put you at the best vantage point in the market.

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Built From End to End

Our platform considers all the necessary steps in programmatic media buying, end to end.