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Frequence Unveils New Website and New Logo

The Future of Media: A Workflow Platform That Grows As You Grow

How can you stay ahead of the curve in the always evolving digital advertising market? You have to evolve with it.

For the past 12 years, Frequence has been partnering with enterprise media companies, working behind the scenes to accelerate their sales. We’ve always been dedicated to helping our media partners scale and grow.

Ask anyone on the team what we’re all about and you’ll hear some similar answers: Trailblazing technology. Automated tools for media sellers. Big, bold ideas. Friendly, enthusiastic people. Most of all? We make selling local advertising scalable.

Now, we’re excited to share the next evolution of our brand.

Programmatic Advertising, Meet Workflow Automation

With our platform, we wanted to deliver the full package: adaptable workflow software, strategic proposal building, automated campaign management, AI-powered forecasting and pacing tools, custom ad design, and fully transparent reporting dashboards.

We’re continually enhancing and refining every piece of our software. Everything is designed to make complex strategies simpler. At Frequence, we know your workflow is unique–as it should be. We won't change your workflow. We'll elevate it.

Embracing The Future Of Media

As workflow pioneers, we’re pushing boundaries at the forefront of advertising technology. It’s time for us to get loud about how we’re changing the game.

There are new advertising opportunities showing up everywhere, and we want to help you be the first to take advantage of them. An omnichannel approach is more important than ever before. Advertisers, especially local businesses, have to reach people across many different mediums. We’re the company that’s going to make that happen.

Taking Digital Media Sales to the Next Level

We are The Future Of Media. We look ahead to whatever comes next. We deliver a complete, end-to-end experience that smoothly takes media sellers, operators, and executives from proposal to fulfillment to reporting.

At the heart of it all is transparency, whether that means delivering your detailed campaign analytics or telling you more about who we are.

Fearless, Forward-Thinking, and Future-Focused: Our New Logo

We've created an updated image that symbolizes everything Frequence stands for, and the work that we do. The nodes each tier represent the elements of our workflow enhancements. From sales to operations to reporting, everything is connected.

So what can you expect from us moving forward? It’s so much more than just a new look.
Frequence makes things easy for you and your team, and provides the data to back it up. Both our platform and our team have learned from market trends and improved our tools based on those findings.

AdTech Tools That Grow With Your Company

What does this all really mean for your business? Exponential growth. Our platform is a configurable tool that grows as you grow, and you don’t have to redo your entire workflow process: the platform adapts to your needs and integrates with your existing tools. Our workflow works with you!

So what are you waiting for? We encourage all of our partners, past, present and future, to be bold. See how far you can grow.

Embrace the Future of Media and scale with us. Schedule a demo today.

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