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Frequence’s India Office Celebrates Five Years of Excellence

It’s safe to say that Frequence wouldn’t be Frequence without the hard work and dedication of our India team. Having a presence in India doesn’t just make us an international company; the 12-hour time difference enables Frequence to have a 24-hour R&D, product development, and customer support cycle. 

More than that, our colleagues in India enrich our company as a whole, offering expertise, experience, and above all collaborative relationships. Frequence’s India office recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. We spoke with Haridev Vengateri, VP of Engineering and the head of the India team, and Amit Dar, Frequence’s Head of Engineering, about how the India team has grown over the past five years.

Amit, the decision to open a Frequence location in India was a bold one. Tell us a little about it.

Amit: Establishing an India development center was a strategic move that perfectly complemented our company's global delivery model, and strengthened our competitive edge by harnessing top-tier talent and optimizing our development processes. 

At Frequence, we understood the importance of tapping into India's vibrant technology ecosystem. By setting up an office there, we gained direct access to a vast pool of skilled professionals across various domains, from software development and quality assurance to project management. We felt that this approach would not only ensure cost-efficiency and scalability but would also promote diversity and innovation within our teams. We’re extremely happy to have been proven correct.

Haridev, what is the biggest change you have seen in the past five years with the India team?

Haridev: The Frequence India office started off in 2018, and since then we have grown to over 100 people. We started off with Engineering and DevOps and have since added Technical Project Managers, Product and Creative teams in the Pune office. It is great to work with a diverse team with many talented and creative people who are all passionate about building the best media buying platform for our customers. It is also very encouraging to see the growth in the collective domain knowledge and technical depth that the team has been able to achieve in this time. We have also continued to refine and tweak our software development processes to be robust and resilient and align closely with our Agile workflow.

As the India team has grown, how has the work evolved?

Haridev: The team has been focused on building the best possible product with the highest quality for our customers. The engineers, quality assurance team, devops, technical project managers,  product and creative teams in the Pune office all work together with our US colleagues to rapidly build and enhance business functionality on the Frequence platform. We also focus on building the platform using scalable architecture that sets us up for the long term as our customer base continues to grow to ensure we can continue to handle data at scale.

A group of people are gathered watching two people play table tennis.a
The India team works hard, but also plays hard. The team recently held their first Frequence Premier League Table Tennis and Badminton Tournament, and everyone had a great time!

Where do you both see the India office five years from now?

Haridev: I see the India office continuing to grow and expand and possibly have even more roles in the future that are done from the Pune location. I expect many leaders to emerge from the Pune team and continue to grow and gain expertise on the product and technology and continue the rapid innovation to build the best product possible for our customers.

Amit: When we launched our India team, we had our eye on the future: Frequence’s, our current and potential partners’, and the digital advertising realm as a whole. We didn’t merely want to keep up - we wanted to set the pace. Having a global delivery model, facilitated by the time zone differences, enables our teams to work cohesively around the clock, reducing project timelines and enhancing overall productivity. 

Software development with a dedicated office in India is more than just a strategy for us; it's a commitment to excellence, enabling us to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients while staying ahead in a dynamic and competitive market. We’ve made great progress in India and I’m confident that we’ll see even more success from our India team.

"The India team holds immense importance for our USA office. Despite the geographical distance, they bring substantial value by introducing fresh ideas and enhancing processes." - Ashwini Phapale, Support Group Lead at Frequence

What's your favorite aspect of working with the India team?

Haridev: Solving complex technical problems and using the right tools and technologies and a robust software development process to build a secure and scalable application architecture that can scale rapidly with customer growth is probably one of my favorite aspects of working with the India team. It is also great to see leaders emerge within the team to step up and take up more ownership and collaborate closely to build a great product.

Amit: Many of our colleagues working in various leadership roles in our India office have worked closely with us in previous organizations in the Bay Area and hence bring to the table years of collaboration and experience working together. Despite the distances between us, we truly are a unified team.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone on the India team for five great years! 

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