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Scoring Big: Unlocking Local Advertising Opportunities Through Streaming Sports

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, the way we consume sports is no exception. The rise of streaming services has revolutionized the sports-watching experience, opening up new and exciting opportunities for local advertisers. The NFL and Amazon got a taste of the possibilities after its first season of Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime. The TNF on Prime broadcasts performed remarkably well when compared to traditional linear TV game broadcasts - a 12% higher viewership in the 18-to-34 year-old age group, and longer engagements with game broadcasts. Crucially, TNF on Prime viewers indicated they were 33% more likely to seek out brands who advertised during those streamed games than audiences viewing traditional TV NFL broadcasts. 

As we delve into the realm of streaming sports, it becomes clear - as it did for the NFL, who’ve signed on for 11 seasons of TNF on Prime -  that this dynamic landscape offers a goldmine for advertisers looking to connect with their local audience. In a survey conducted in the spring of 2023, 87% of advertisers currently buying streaming sports inventory were happy with the results. And 50% of advertisers not currently in the streaming sports space were planning on activating streaming sports ads in 2023. Let’s explore why streaming sports is a game-changer for local advertisers, and how Frequence is at the forefront of unlocking these opportunities.

The Evolution of Sports Consumption

Gone are the days when sports enthusiasts were tethered to their television sets, eagerly awaiting the scheduled broadcast of their favorite games. The emergence of streaming platforms has democratized access to sports content, allowing fans to enjoy their beloved games anytime, anywhere,  in any market. With the convenience of mobile devices and connected TV, viewers can now tune in from the comfort of their homes, on the go, or even during the office lunch break.

This shift in consumption habits presents a unique advantage for local advertisers. Streaming sports offer a more personalized and targeted advertising approach, making it easier for businesses to connect with their local community on a deeper level. At Frequence, we’re excited about the transformative potential of this shift and are poised to help advertisers capitalize on the opportunities it brings.

Hyper-Targeting The Streaming Sports Audience

One of the key advantages of streaming sports is the ability to hyper-target your audience based on their preferences, location, and behavior. Frequence's platform leverages advanced data analytics to understand the viewing habits of sports enthusiasts in your local area. We also have the ability to identify which verticals are performing the best on streaming sports - and can develop strategies that incorporate streaming sports ads into multi-channel campaigns.  By identifying trends and preferences, advertisers can create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with their audience on a personal level.

Real-Time Engagement Opportunities

Streaming sports in real-time opens up a world of engagement opportunities for local advertisers. Frequence's platform enables businesses to synchronize their advertising efforts with live events, creating a seamless and immersive experience for viewers. Whether it's a nail-biting last-minute goal or a game-changing play, advertisers can leverage these moments to capture the attention of their audience and build a memorable brand presence.

50% of advertisers not currently in the streaming sports space were planning on activating streaming sports ads in 2023.

Imagine a local brewpub offering a real-time promotion every time the home team scores. Frequence's platform allows businesses to automate such campaigns, ensuring that their ads are not only relevant but also timely. This real-time engagement strategy not only boosts brand recall but also capitalizes on the heightened emotions and excitement surrounding live sports events.

Breaking Down Geographical Barriers

One of the most significant advantages of streaming sports is the ability to break down geographical barriers. Frequence understands that local businesses thrive on community support, and streaming sports allows them to extend their reach beyond traditional borders. By tapping into the streaming audience, advertisers can connect with potential customers who may not be physically present within the immediate vicinity but share a passion for the local sports scene.

Frequence's platform facilitates the creation of geographically targeted campaigns, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience, whether they're watching the game from the team’s home stadium zip code, a neighboring town or across the country. This geographical flexibility empowers local advertisers to expand their customer base and establish a presence in untapped markets, all while maintaining a strong connection with their local roots.

Measurable Impact and ROI

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, proving the effectiveness of campaigns is crucial. Frequence's platform provides local advertisers with robust analytics tools to measure the impact of their streaming sports campaigns. From tracking impressions and click-through rates to analyzing conversion data, businesses can gain valuable insights into the performance of their ads.

87% of advertisers currently buying streaming sports inventory were happy with the results.

This data-driven approach not only helps in optimizing current campaigns but also empowers advertisers to make informed decisions for future strategies. Frequence's commitment to providing a transparent and measurable advertising experience ensures that businesses can justify their investments and achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) in the competitive realm of local advertising.

Adaptability and Innovation

As technology continues to advance, so does the landscape of streaming sports. Frequence recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve and adapting to emerging trends. The platform's commitment to innovation ensures that local advertisers can seamlessly integrate the latest features and formats into their campaigns.

This adaptability ensures that local advertisers not only keep pace with the evolving preferences of their audience but also stay one step ahead, setting the stage for long-term success in the competitive world of streaming sports advertising.

 A Winning Streaming Sports Strategy with Frequence

The era of streaming sports presents a wealth of opportunities for local advertisers, and Frequence stands as a key ally in unlocking these possibilities. The platform's advanced capabilities in data analytics, hyper-targeting, real-time engagement, and adaptability empower businesses to create impactful and memorable advertising campaigns.

As streaming sports continue to gain momentum, the potential for local advertisers to connect with their community and beyond has never been greater. Frequence's end-to-end advertising automation platform ensures that businesses can navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence, leveraging the power of streaming sports to score big in the hearts and minds of their audience. 

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