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Unlocking the Value of Media Automation

It's no secret that to thrive in today's competitive landscape, media companies need to embrace automation. But adopting new technology can be a challenge. In this ANA article, Frequence Head of Client Success Dave Tsai offers his insights on what to look for when considering new media automation tools - and how those tools can take media companies to the next level.

In the modern media enterprise, automation has become an essential tool in the pitch-to-execution process. With fracturing audiences and structural changes looming in the digital ad market, media companies are learning how to do more with less while diversifying their core advertising offerings into higher performing omnichannel campaigns.

Media companies, understandably, are looking for greater efficiency while increasing quality and performance. A key consideration is how they can leverage technology in their media planning, sales proposals, operations, and reporting. For companies that want to realize the benefits of media automation, what questions should they be asking as they ponder their options? And what are some high-value, high-impact areas they should focus on?

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